Our Story

Consentricare started out of a need to navigate around the UK health and social care ecosystem when our founders found themselves with elderly loved ones in need of urgent care and a mountain to climb in terms of understanding who was responsible for what and where to get help, in both public and private sectors and across clinical and non-clinical areas.


They realised very quickly that it wasn't just the health service, discharge paperwork and medical treatments that they needed to navigate, there was also so much information drip-fed from too many different sources, such as how to equip the home once their relative was discharged, how to get extra care around the home, **what a lasting power of attorney" is and how to get one, where to find architects, pet care, transport, emotional support and so much more. 

Elderly Couple Contract

Our first mobile solution, CareHound, was developed to help people with elderly loved ones to understand and navigate the health and social care ecosystem and to organise and manage care.

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