Meet The Team


Bill Palmer


Bill Palmer is a seasoned leader, entrepreneur and agent of transformation, Freeman of the City and author of thrillers.

After thirty years in senior roles in Systems Integrators and Independent Software Vendors from Oracle to IBM (a period that Bill now refers to as his apprenticeship), he is one of the founders and Co-CEO of Consentricare.


Bill says this of the company he founded

with Jon Murrell:


“We set out to disrupt the way people navigate and engage with the eldercare ecosystem in the UK and hit the mark with our very first mobile app, CareHound.  That laid the foundation for Houndation, the mobile platform, app and packs we deliver today. 

In building one thing we realised we had built something with far greater potential. 


I’m proud to be playing my part in transforming how enterprises support and engage with their people and communities. Our corporate ethos is “We help you care” and we carry that into everything we do.”

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Jon Murrell


Jon Murrell is an experienced leader, entrepreneur, management consultant, innovator and proponent specialising in organisational change, Jon has been the architect of major transformation and IT programmes in UK businesses for over two decades,  until 2008, when the urge to do "his own thing" became overwhelming.


Jon then set out to disrupt the world of consultancy through his simple, expedient approach to transformation, founding boutique consultancies.


Of the company he and Bill Palmer established,

he says:


"Our idea was simply to get important information to the right people at the right time, the first area of activity being elder care, based partly on the difficult experiences I'd had seeking care for my elderly mother.


It became clear that what we had built was an excellent way of communicating complex, dynamic information to any community of users and I'm exceptionally proud of the work we've done to support people who, without our mobile app platform, would continue to feel isolated, whether in terms of their wellbeing, their work or their neighbourhood."


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Danny Wyatt


Danny Wyatt is an exceptionally talented technologist, entrepreneur, musician, and consultant who brings the rare ability to both interpret real-world problems and to invent technological solutions to solve them. For many years, Danny led major technology programmes in the construction and engineering sector, specialising particularly in the world of data and the need to make technology friendly to the people who need access to that data.

Of the company he joined as CTO, he says:


"When Jon explained to me what he and Bill were working on, I was absolutely blown away by the passion they had for the need to get the right elder care information to people when they needed it most.  


We make the assumption in the modern world that everyone can use technology to find out exactly what they need to know at the drop of a hat, but the reality is far less cut-and-dried. When building our first solution, CareHound, we always had an eye on needing to build a flexible, solid platform that could get information to any community of users.  We've proven that ability and it's wonderful to see Houndation starting to spread into so many other sectors."