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Strengthen the bridge between your data and your informed business decisions

At Consentricare, we help enterprises reduce their reliance on raw data by comprehending, grouping and shaping the information that they need and matching it against the data they already have, offering them the insight they require to drive their business based on consistent, reliable facts.


How long does it take your organisation to answer these simple questions today:

  • How many customers do we really have?​

  • What’s our exposure to a single large customer?​

  • How many suppliers do we really rely upon?​

  • Who buys what, at what margin?​

  • How much of our cash is tied up in stock?​​

How much duplication, exposure and redundancy is there throughout our business?​

​ We engage with enterprises at board level, working top-down

to drive out the true business priorities of the enterprise,

leading the way to a consistent single fact-driven viewpoint based on insight.​

In Meeting

We work with:

a Gartner Magic Quadrant company in

Master Data Management, to implement a value-added solution.

Semarchy inc is the holding company with direct sales operations in the USA, UK and France with a partner ecosystem covering the USA, UKI, Nordics, DACH and EMEA

Semarchy was recently acquired by Providence Strategic Growth

Identify and rectify data issues

Reduce Cost

De-duplicate records

Create a single source of data

Make better informed decisions

Construction Engineer

Our expertise in the construction, energy and utility industries makes Consentricare your ideal partner.