Content Express

Content Express

Content Express is the tool that enables our customers to manage their own content within any of our

Houndation Suite solution packs.


Our Innovative Technology

It is quick and easy to learn and easy to use, requiring no technical expertise.

It is a full-featured text and content editor that enables you to create and edit content including adding and removing text, icons, links, images and video - even whole sections can be added or removed.

Content Express is:

Content update from mobile or desktop devices

Easy To Use

We have simplified it so that anyone can use it, no matter their tech experience.


Approval of content changes before deployment

Quick to learn

Half a day maximum


“Instant” content update from mobile or desktop devices



Engage with your people, whether or not they have email access, whether or not they have a mobile signal. Put out interesting and engaging content with ease anytime, 24-7

Push Updates Immediately

Notify your people that new content is available. Change your content quickly and easily in response to rapidly changing circumstances
e.g. Lockdowns and emergencies

Your pack, your content, your control

Link to external sources and to content held on your intranet.
Slash maintenance costs and time

API Content

Update content in the pack automatically through API links to your existing systems


Alert users to changes when they happen.

"Project check-in today @12:00 at the site office"


Allow members of your team to easily create content, but that you have control over authorising.