Your Challenges: 

When your workforce are so widely spread across sites and office locations, it's vital to know that they have access to the information and the support they need to stay safe,

stay well and work effectively. 

All too often your team out on site feels detached from the rest of the business and from the help they need.

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You Need:

Simple, flexible tailored solution packs:

  • With Construction DNA

  • Tailored to your exact needs

  • That can be updated by non-technical staff

  • That work either with our without a mobile signal or WiFi.

One of the most common causes for delay on construction sites is due to lack of communication between parties



Houndation Suite

with its broad capabilities including:

  • Wellbeing

  • Environmental Management

  • Process Compliance

  • Health & Safety


Process Compliance

Designed to promote all aspects
of best practice at work.

Business Meeting

You will have the confidence that everyone working on your projects has access to the information they need from signposting to Mental Health support to Procurement Standards and from Working from Height to Emissions.

Ready for immediate adoption

Don't worry - your team isn't going to spend years putting together the information you want to share through Houndation. 

We have ready-made starter content which reduces the time we and you need to spend building your tailored solutions packs within Houndation.