Health & Safety

Our Innovative Technology

Like all the packs in  Houndation Suite,

 'Health & Safety' it is built from scratch to be easy to maintain and to use without any technical expertise.


In the same way that Employee Wellbeing is designed to help your people with their mental health, 'Health and Safety' focuses upon physical wellbeing by helping your people to look after themselves in the workplace and beyond and by providing content that can reduce incidents, accidents, injuries and fatalities.  


Text, links and video can all be provided and we track your people's consumption of the information made available to them through the pack in the Houndation app.


Sorting Images


Add videos, imagery, links and more to enhance your communication.

On the Phone

Push Updates Immediately

If there is a change in communication or something urgent for your employees to know, amend the communication and push it immediately.

Women Colleagues

Your content, your control

No need to go through agencies.

We look after the technology, you look after your content and people.

...and many more!

Employee Wellbeing is one of the Houndation Suite Family of mobile packs available from Consentricare Limited.

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