Process Compliance 

Process Compliance

Our Process Compliance pack is designed from the ground up by people with decades of experience in construction and manufacturing.  


It focuses upon putting into your people's hands the processes they need to follow to do their jobs right the first time, minimising waste, rework, time lost and personal stress.

Describe your processes step by step with ease using Content Express, using text, pictures, links, video and more to make them easy to understand and follow and help to ensure compliance on internal processes and to maintain ISO accreditation. 


Our Innovative Technology

Use our analytics tools to track who has looked at what, and to check and validate that they have spent the appropriate amount of time reviewing each step.


Keep your people right up to date with automated review reminders and notifications of new content, and check who's who with facial recognition (iOS) and biometric (Android) identity validation.

Turn your intranet content into communication that works for you and your people.



Sorting Images


Add videos, imagery, links and more to enhance your communication.

On the Phone

Push Updates Immediately

If there is a change in communication or something urgent for your employees to know, amend the communication and push it immediately.

Women Colleagues

Your content, your control

No need to go through agencies.

We look after the technology, you look after your content and people.

...and many more!

Employee Wellbeing is one of the Houndation Suite Family of

mobile packs available from Consentricare Limited.

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